Research and Development Board

The Research and Development Board is a representative, constantly functioning scientific advisory and advisory body of the DonNUET Academic Board that ensures coordination, planning, monitoring, analysis of scientific and scientific and technical activities of structural units and executors of research works of the University

Address: Tramvaina, 16, office 409

+38 (067) 189-72-45

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Chairman of the Research and Development Board is Tatyana Kozhukhova.

Scientific Secretary of the Research and Development Board is S. Yermak, Candidate of  Economics, Associate Professor.


Main tasks and functions of the Research and Development Board:

  • preparation and delivery of output to address the major scientific and technical problems identified by state targeted scientific and technical programs of a subject-matter disposition, as well as regional scientific and technical programs and plans
  • vision of the Concept for the development of fundamental research and applied research projects at the University
  • coordination of plans and analysis of the results of scientific, scientific and technical activities of the University
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of using the University's scientific potential and training highly qualified personnel
  • control and analysis of the activities of Specialized Academic Boards for defence of a thesis, Editorial boards of scientific publications of the University, the results of scientific research of students
  • organization and carrying out of scientific units and executors of scientific research works attestation

Statute on the Research and Development Board

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